Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why you don't need the holy grail

     I've discussed image consistancy, sound image, and many other tips on constructing a bangarang sound (thank you Hook fans), but never gone over exactly what the mentality discovermyband.com uses to pick instruments to review and endorse.
     First of all, I will say that we do NOT pick items that are the ultimate best instrument ever to be mass produced. 
     Why not?  If you are purchasing equipment to play the crap out of it- to take it on the road and play in the rain, heat, cold, and whatever else you face, you don't need a $7,500 guitar.  If you do then every nick and scratch and drop of rain can be painful and devastating to its value. 
     If, however, you have one cool looking $700 guitar that plays really well, and at an outdoor concert you fall off the stage, you can cover that cost many times over before you come close to that holy grail guitar that you might have bought.
     So the guitars that we endorse sound good, they look cool, and they are as inexpensive as I can find without terrible comprimise.  Someday there may be a "holy grail" list blog for your personal collection, recording studio playing, or once you land that elusive record deal and they foot the bill, but that is not what you need now.  Good quality, inexpensive, good looking guitars that match you look and sound.
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